"Record Keeping Software for Military Families"

Active Duty and Retired


(U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Timothy Taylor)

Manages Your Family's Vital Information

Prepares Your Family for Emergencies

Gives Family Members Immediate Access to Instructions and Needed Records

Eases Family Stress

Enables Your Family to Cope In Your Absence

The Unexpected Can Happen Organize Your Affairs Act Now

  • Critical Illness
  • Accidents
  • Natural Disasters
  • Death
Timing can be critical.

It could happen when you are deployed and a family member needs to know where or how to proceed.

Don’t Burden Your Loved Ones.

  • Emotional stress – not knowing who to call or what to do.
  • Wasted time –spent looking for needed documents or vital information.

Plan Now!

  • Get Legal Affairs in Order
  • Assess Insurance Needs
  • Prepare Your Finances
  • Prepare Your Family
  • Brief Your Family or Loved One

Don't Wait Until Disaster Happens!

Organize your resources now to make unexpected issues manageable.

  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Education/Training
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Legal Matters
  • Medical Records
  • Personal Property
  • Other Real Estate
  • Retirement Income
  • Vehicles
  • Vital Documents
  • Warranties

Make Known Your Final Wishes.

  • Type Funeral
  • Hymns
  • Burial Place
  • Survivor Task List

Protect Your Records.

  • Print Reports
  • Download to External Storage Device
  • Place in Safe Deposit Box

Family Management Software

Your vital family information will be organized, secure and easy for any family member to access.

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